What’s the difference between The Barwalk and a pub crawl? 

Due to very limited group size The Barwalk is less of a rowdy pub crawl and more of a personal, intimate and interactive guided experience that moves at your pace. You’ll enjoy exclusive historical content, unparalleled service and hands on access to the history.  Like having an old friend show you around his hometown, you’ll get the ultimate insiders experience from beginning to last call.

When and where does the tour start?

Each tour begins in front of the Shrine of Texas Independence, The Alamo.

Now Offering 2 start times!
5pm or 7pm!

Please specify when booking which start time you prefer.

How far do we walk?

While we retain some route flexibility at your guide’s discretion, all routes are close to a mile in total length. On average each bar is no more than 3 blocks from each other so we are never too far from AC and a cold one!

Is food available along the route?

 Several of our bars do offer limited food menus, just let your guide know and we will do our best to accommodate and steer you towards the tastiest option.

Where does the tour end?

The Barwalk conveniently ends at establishments on or near the world famous Riverwalk.

Is the price of my drinks included in the price of The Barwalk?

No. Each guest is responsible for the cost of their own beverages and bartender gratuities, however, as guests of The Barwalk you will enjoy exclusive drink discounts at select establishments.

What should I wear?

Though this is a boutique tour, comfortable shoes and appropriate casual attire will do. Don’t forget Texas weather is fickle and can be HOT! Please dress according to the predicted weather.

Speaking of weather, does The Barwalk go out in inclement weather?

This is Texas! We may experience all four seasons within one week. Though we wish this was an exaggeration, yes, the tour will proceed unless your guide deems the weather to be unsafe. Please feel free to call and check in.

What is your refund policy?

Reservations cancelled more than 48 hours before the tour departure time will be given a full refund.
Reservations cancelled 48 hours or less before tour departure time will be charged in full.
If the tour is cancelled due to unsafe weather conditions (as deemed by the guide) then rain checks will be offered and refunds only granted if accommodations cannot be made to reschedule.

Can I bring a minor?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of The Barwalk, minors are not allowed on the tour.

Oh no! I’m late! What should I do?

Call or text 210-774-0962. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to join the tour once it has begun but we will make every reasonable effort to accommodate.

How and when do I pay?

Credit/Debit cards and cash ONLY.  Checks will not be accepted.
Don’t forget, each guest is responsible for the cost of their own beverages and bartender gratuities and all bars visited accept cards.

Where do I park?

All curbside meters are free on Sundays and after 6 pm Monday through Saturday. There are also several garages and lots which are noted on The Experience page.

How long do we spend in each bar?

Long enough to absorb the history, vibe and to imbibe a drink or two, in other words approximately 30-45 minutes.

Are cameras allowed?

Absolutely! In fact, we welcome them.  Check out The Barwalk on Facebook and Instagram.

Are there restrooms available on the route?

We will enjoy access to all the facilities of the establishments that we patronize.

How large are the tour groups?

To ensure safety and a quality experience for all guests we ideally limit the tour group size to no more than 8, but we can certainly accommodate larger groups with advance notice and a little flexibility.